Dollar Store Craft – Cherry Blossom Clock


When I was walking around the dollar store this morning, all these cool things kept “jumping” out at me.  I had an awful time deciding what I wanted to make today.  I did end up buying stuff for more than one project but I chose to start with this one!

I chose the artificial cherry blossom branches because I know Kim loves those and the clock will be hanging in the craft room!



It only took about $5.00 worth of supplies to make this clock, which would make it a nice inexpensive gift for someone!


I started by plucking most of the flowers and some of the leave bunches off of the cherry blossom branches and sorted them in two piles.


I plugged in my dreaded glue gun and started gluing…..


And gluing….


And gluing until it was covered all the way around.


If there were any blank spots, I filled those in with the smaller flowers until I couldn’t see any more of the clock frame.


And this is the pretty cherry blossom clock finished and ready for the craft room, whenever the craft room is ready for it!


I am still pondering taking the clock apart and painting something on the clock face but for now it is as done as it’s getting for today lol.  If I do decide to paint the face, I will update later.


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