Christmas in August – DIY Gift Tabs

It seems I am either early for Christmas or late for Christmas in July – regardless, I think it’s worth celebrating that I, on my own, started getting ready for Christmas before Halloween.

My mom always starts Christmas planning and prepping early (like Boxing Day the year prior) and she graciously includes me in her plans as often as possible (although I do request that we at least get past New Year’s Day). While I always have tons of ideas for the year, I likely wouldn’t accomplish anything without her.

So, while it’s no surprise that my mom already has Christmas on the brain, it’s completely new for me to do something Christmas-related before November on my own. It’s actually kind of ironic because I’ve had an urge to watch horror movies lately so it’s almost like I’ve jumped ahead a few months to October-November. Either way, I had lots of fun creating some snowman-painted milk/bread gift tabs.


I’ve been collecting the tabs for months with plans to paint them as the winter holidays approached. With a decent-sized collection and a desire for a simple craft I could do while binge watching some Netflix, it seemed like the perfect time (albeit a little seasonally confused) to create these gift tabs.

Since I’d already collected all the tabs and I had the colours needed to create snowmen (white, black, orange and pink), this craft was completely free to make. Keep reading to learn how I did it…


Step 1 – probably the most difficult step – save up the desired amount of milk/bread tabs. If you’re wanting to make some for this Christmas, you can probably build up a decent collection over the next few months. Don’t forget, you can always ask family/friends to save their tabs for you also.


Step 2 – If you’re wanting to create snowmen like I did, start by painting the tabs completely white. I had to paint about 2-3 coats per side depending on the starting colour of the tab.


Step 3 – Add facial features – I painted on blushed cheeks, used a dotting pen for the eyes and mouth, and then painted on the orange carrot noses.

And that’s it! 3 simple steps for a craft that’s essentially free and you’ve added a cute personalized touch to your holiday gifts. Gifting a bottle of wine? Wrap it up and add one of these little guys to hold the wrapping closed. How about a gift basket? Use a ribbon to hold together your cellophane and then add one of these little tabs to the ribbon for added charm.


(Yes, I’m a messy painter – like a child, there is often just as much paint on me as there is on whatever I’m creating).

Happy crafting!


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