Dollar Store Craft – Folded Towel Teddy Bear

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at the cool towel folding craft.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it lol, but I just had to try it.  They are very cute and look great in gift baskets… whether it be a gift basket for baby, a hostess gift or a spa/bath products basket.  Or even just an addition to your bathroom décor? Who wouldn’t want one of these adorable towel teddy bears?


Below I will do my best to describe the process through words and pictures so you can make your own Folded Towel Teddy Bear! Hopefully I have as much luck with the other folded towel projects I would like to try now!


All that is required to make these teddy bears are a hand towel, elastic bands and ribbon.  For my first attempts I just picked up a few hand towels from the dollar store.  With not being sure how difficult it was I didn’t want to spend a lot on a towel to start.


The first thing you need to do is to fold over a third of the towel.  I measured the length of my towel to make sure it was a third.


Next you are going to roll both of the longer ends in towards the middle, making sure they are even.  I put one of my granite coasters on it to hold it in place after rolling to take the picture.


Next step is to fold the rolled towel in half with the rolled side out, making sure to hold the rolls in place while folding it.


The next part is the part I was concerned about but it actually isn’t as difficult as it first seems.  You need to grasp the top folded section at about the half way point, lift it and then twist the bottom portion until the rolled side is up. It was hard to take a picture actually doing the twist but this is what it looks like right after the twist.


This is where you need the bigger of the elastic bands to hold it together.  The elastic band goes around the whole towel, below where your twist is, unrolling the top rolls a little bit after the elastic is on to form the arms of the bear and spreading the folded portion out to open it up and make the head part.


You will now use the smaller elastics at the top of the head to make the ears.  I just grabbed an “ear” size portion, pulled the elastic band over and spread the “ear” around until it was even.  Repeat this process for the other ear.


This is where you adjust the head, arms and legs portions to get the shape you want for the teddy bear head. Using elastic bands makes it easy to tuck and pull it into shape.

All that you need to do now is add you ribbon bow around the neck to finish it.


It does get easier after you have made the first one.  I will probably unroll and redo the brown bear to tidy it up a bit.  I made a yellow bear after this one and you can see the difference that a little practice makes with folding the towels.  It looks much tidier and “polished” if you will than the first one.


Here is a picture of them together allowing you to see the difference between my first and second attempts.


NOTE: I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t actually hand sew around the neck and ears if you wanted to be able to gift this bear to a child to play with, but I would make sure all the sewing was tight and well knotted… just a suggestion.


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