Dollar Store Craft – Glass Bead Wind Chime

I am completely shocked that I managed to get anything posted this weekend.  It has been crazy and it feels like we have all been going non-stop all long weekend.

Chris installed a new sliding glass patio door in the kitchen this weekend so we are finally rid of the French doors that have been there since we moved in!  They look huge, brighten the whole room up and I love them!

As for the wind chime.  This dollar store craft is a little bit different and is done in two steps.  It is still very simple to make and looks great in the garden!




As I said above, it is done in two steps.  First the wind chimes themselves although you can skip this step if you want to keep them the natural wood colour they come in.  The second step is beading the picture frame and then attaching the two together.

Here are the supplies I used for both steps.


I started by painting the wooden portions of the dollar store wind chime I picked up. I painted it green to match the glass beads I bought. (It is still wet in this picture lol)


Then it was time for my glitter paint and then sealing!


Now it was time to move on to the picture frame.  I started off by wrapping green twine around the top and bottom of the frame so I would have something to hang it from and something to attach it to the wind chime and then hot gluing the glass into the frame.


Next I started hot gluing the glass beads onto the glass.  I did one side….


And then the other, both a sort of random pattern, but I did try to alternate the green and the clear beads.


I added some glass beads to the wooden pieces of the wind chime for some added bling.



I tied the frame to the wind chime with a knot and secured that with some hot glue to make sure it didn’t unravel on me when I hung it.


Then I added the wooden bead from the original wind chime to the top and tied a knot to form a loop to insert the original hanger.


I brushed off as many of the glue threads as I could and hung it outside! It’s cloudy today so the pictures aren’t great but I am sure it will just sparkle when the sun is out!



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