Dollar Store Craft – Glass Bead Candle Holder

Let me start by saying that this is a “Leftover” materials craft.  When I made the glass bead wind chime, I had some of the glass beads left over.  I was just going to add them to my stash but then decided to do something else with them because as I am sure the rest of you know… the stash does not need anything else lol!

This ended up being basically a free craft for me because I already had a square clear glass container I could use for it!



Here are the materials, such as they are, for this craft.  Well, that plus the dreaded glue gun!


I had more of the clear beads left than the green ones for some reason so I decided to put two layers of those at the bottom and just make a little design on each side with the green.

This craft is just basically deciding how you want to lay out your glass beads and with your handy, dandy glue gun, hot gluing them in place.  It is really that simple.


It doesn’t look like much as it sits, but when I added a lit candle to it, I was totally impressed.  I did not expect the cool design it made on the counter from the rows of clear beads.  It was a wonderful surprise and was just a bonus considering the whole 10 minutes it took to make it!

Check out the way the light comes through the beads!


For a free craft, I am totally impressed with the outcome and hope that you enjoy it as well!


10 thoughts on “Dollar Store Craft – Glass Bead Candle Holder

  1. Have you noticed if the glue heats up too much from the candle? I’m not asking because I’m skeptical. I’ve been considering using a hot glue gun for another application that involved heating up the finished object.

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    • In all honesty, I don’t think I’ve had it lit long enough for that to become an issue but I’m willing to try. It didn’t even cross my mind. I only have a tea light candle in it right now, I wonder if the size of the candle would affect the longevity of the glue?

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