Budget Kitchen Makeover – Part #5 – Microwave Shelf

Here is part #5 of my Budget Kitchen Makeover.  I only have one more step to go after this… and it’s the most expensive of all of it and could be the most time consuming depending on which route I decide to take… the counter! I haven’t decided yet if I am going to replace it completely or refinish it.

For this part, I needed a shelf for my microwave.  I had a wooden stand that I was using until the last few weeks.  I bought myself a portable dishwasher.  I do not have the cupboard space I can afford to lose installing a built in dishwasher so I decided a portable one would work perfectly.  The only problem was the microwave. For the past few weeks, since getting the dishwasher, it has just been sitting on top of that and I had to unplug it every time I used the dishwasher.  Not a huge deal really, but a pain in the ass if you happened to want to cook something in it while the dishwasher was running lol.



That is when the idea came to add a shelf or two, one to hold the microwave and another little one for whatever.

I ordered some shelf track and brackets from Amazon, and let me say thank you Amazon because it was here in like 2 days! You will see in the pictures below that I also ordered a white rolling metal shelf from Amazon at the same time and it is the perfect fit and function for beside the dishwasher!

Chris installed the track for me yesterday!  Thank you Chris! All I needed to do was deal with the shelf part.

We are not planning on using the old and worn wooden stand we were using for the microwave before so I decided to remove the wooden doors from it and repurpose them into my shelves. (I still haven’t decided what I will repurpose the rest of it into!)



(You can also see one of my next projects on top of it.  I recently “claimed” an old, rough looking tool box, for FREE.  Because I have acquired so many tools that the contents my current tool box is overflowing into cupboards and drawers, I desperately needed a bigger one! As you can see, I am painting it a bright ass pink!  Stay tuned for that project)

For some reason, unbeknownst even to myself, I decided to paint the shelves white instead of just refinishing the wood?  I removed the old hardware from the cupboard doors and then painted about 3 coats of white paint and then 2 coats of sealer to prepare them for their new life as shelves! (I forgot to take a picture before I actually had Chris screw them to the brackets)

They do look a little off centre from the dishwasher, but I wanted them centered over the shelves above the, not the dishwasher.


Now all I had to do was put the microwave on top of the highest shelf and I decided to use the bottom shelf, because it is only 3 inches from the top one, to put some of my favourite cookbooks and some of my food wrap.


It looks a whole lot tidier than it did before the shelves were up and even from when we were still using the wooden stand, and the wooden top of the dishwasher is perfect for when you are pulling hot things out of the microwave to set it down on!

(I didn’t notice until I took these pictures how crooked I hung the curtain rod above the stove lol…. just another glaring reminder of how bad my one eye is from my TBI! Please excuse the crookedness lol)


Now I can pull the dishwasher out to use and not have to worry about unplugging the microwave each time!  It was well worth it while I had to do that because having a dishwasher again sure makes cooking and baking so much more fun lol!

Here is my before and after the shelf and little rolling metal shelf pictures!



Afterit just looks so much tidier!

(Here is where you can see the little rolling metal shelf beside the dishwasher. It holds all the little gadget-y things I have in the kitchen that I use on a daily basis but don’t want in the cupboards or drawers.  I have to say that I am so happy I decided to buy it because it not only holds all that stuff, I can also roll it to wherever I happen to need it at the time!)


And last but not least…. here is the picture of my little fabric hanging bags once I had them hung up on the new curtain rod.  You can also see the dust cover I made for my KitchenAid!



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