Repurposed Flower Urn – Paint Brush Holder

Chris and I stopped at a local gas station yesterday for a few things, that also has an antique/thrift/consignment store.  I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular but still looked lol.  I found a ceramic flower urn on the $1.00 table and immediately thought about making it into a holder for all my paint brushes! I could barely wait to get it home and start painting it!


(Note: I am also going to include a small Craft Room Update at the end of this post because I wasn’t sure if the little change was enough to warrant it’s own post lol!)


This is the urn as I purchased it…. well, I did clean it but that’s it.  Not bad shape for something that I only paid a dollar for!


I decided to paint it a nice bright turquoise because we are still undecided on the wall colour for the craft room, although we are sort of edging towards a light taupe colour and bringing the colour in with the furniture and such.


Next came a coating of glitter paint…. just because!  Then I gave it a couple coats of sealer.


While that was drying I painted the majority of a Styrofoam ball.


I wanted a sneak peek at how it would look!


I gave it a coat or sealer and then  I ran a line of glue (I used Gorilla Glue to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere!) around the Styrofoam ball, where it meets up with the inside of the urn and held it in place until it was set.

wp-image--317265761Now all I needed to do was push my paint brushes into the Styrofoam ball where I wanted them to be, to make the holes to hold them and I was done.  A repurposed flower urn, turned into a pretty paint brush holder for the craft room! And it barely took an afternoon, unless you count the time waiting for the paint to dry!

And here is my less than $2 paint brush holder (I am including the cost of the Styrofoam ball lol)





Today the craft room got carpet!!!  It was a very exciting step towards getting it actually done! The best part?  We got the carpet for free!  When Kim and Dillon’s father (my ex-husband) moved down east recently, he left a horrible mess at his apartment.  I honestly don’t think he packed anything but underwear!  Anyway, there was a dark rose coloured area rug there as well.  When Chris and I went to help the kids finish cleaning the disaster area up Kim asked if I thought it would work for our craft room.

We measured it and it would work!  So, Kim cleaned and vacuumed it, Chris threw it on the trailer with the other junk we decided to bring home lol…. a futon for the craft room to make more room, to replace the full queen size bed, a leather couch, etc. etc. etc.  The point being, we now have carpet!

Here are a few pictures. And keep in mind that this is pre-vacuuming it here because I couldn’t wait to take the pictures to send to Kim lol… and the room still sort of looks like a storage room because we still need to get the shelves in what we call the pipe shelf to store things in.


AND. we haven’t been able to find a buffet and hutch we like so we can replace the one we use everyday to repurpose in the craft room… so I decided to put this old/possibly antique dresser I bought years ago, and now have no home for, in the craft room.

While I was on Pinterest earlier, driving Kim crazy sending her various craft room idea pins lol…. I found a beautiful paint colour on a dresser very similar to the one I have and plan to refinish it like this!


It finally feels like we are making a bit of progress on the craft room and let me tell you, it is very exciting!!!





6 thoughts on “Repurposed Flower Urn – Paint Brush Holder

  1. Love the idea for the paint brush holder! I bought a bamboo utensil divider the other day for my paint brushes. I also love the paint color choice for the dresser. I think it will look great!

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