Garden Update

Are you sick of hearing about my garden lol?  I am sure a lot of you are but it is very exciting for me to actually have something not only grow, but actually flourish.  It is not the norm for this black thumbed, pretend gardener!

Things are going very well in my little gardening world and I have the pictures to prove it lol!  Sorry!



As you can see by the picture above, my first and so far favourite cucumber, is doing excellent!  It is almost 7 inches long now.  I can’t decide when to pick it for us to eat.  Chris told me to see how big it can actually get but I am a bit concerned some kind of critter might decide to make a midnight snack out of it!  Still undecided.

Now let me say Thank You to Chris!  When we got married nine years ago… how the time flies lol… he bought me a beautiful garden swing on a stand.  Weather and just time took it’s toll on the swing AND I decided this year that I would like to have it hang from our back deck, so he started to refinish it for me.  Let me also say that he did one helluva job!  The pictures I took do not do it justice but I couldn’t not include it in my garden update post!

Here are a few pictures of it!  He had the metal sandblasted and he repainted it all and then he sanded down and refinished all the wood before he put it back together and suspended it from the back deck.



AND then, he had a new fire pit ring made for the back yard!  And yes, it does say Logan Funny Farm on it because well, it is appropriate around here!


Now back to my vegetables!!!

I have even more cucumbers starting.  I have a few that are “gherkin” size lol!


And I have another one that is doing really well and is now “dill pickle” size!  Woo hoo!


I am starting to get a little concerned with how many tomatoes that have started to fruit and with the number of flowers with more to start there are on my plants.  I have 7 tomato plants.  One that is  pear tomato.  I have no idea what it will even taste like but I wanted at least one a little different.  It is the really big one!


I have one that is cluster tomatoes and it has a lot of fruit starting.


And then I have 5 regular, slicing tomato plants.  With the amount of blooms and fruit on them I have starting to look at marinara sauce recipes just in case we get fed up of toasted tomato sandwiches when the time comes… unlikely but it could happen.

Even my little tiny chili pepper plant is still doing well.  I have been picking and freezing the teeny peppers for if/when we make hot pepper jelly.  When I cut a few up last week to add to something I was making for dinner, it took almost a full day before my hands stopped burning because I didn’t use any gloves or anything. They should definitely spice up any jelly!



11 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. I think it’s funny you have a favorite cucumber! Everything looks great. Please feel free to show off your garden any time you like. It’s fun to see things grow and it’s a lot of work, so by all means show it off.

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  2. I love that swing!!!

    I wish I could have a garden. I live in a very swampy area, and the ground is just too wet. I could make raised beds but I can never find the time to plan that out and actually build them…

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