Minecraft Creeper Bed Tray

Let me start by saying that Dillon likes Minecraft so every Christmas I make at least one thing for him with Creeper or another character.

This year is a bed tray that he can use when he sketching, eating or whatever.  AND it means I have another Christmas gift done!


The bed tray is another thing I ended up bringing home when Chris and I helped the kids finish cleaning out their father’s place.  There are two of them.  I plan to do something with the other one later on and will post when I do.

These can be found at any thrift store I would suspect and are great to repurpose!

Here is what this one looked like when I took possession lol.

I started out by taping the wood frame and then base painting it dark green,  the main Creeper colour.

I found an outline of it online, printed it and transferred it to the painted surface.

I painted the “design,” which is just plain black on the green.

Let it dry, and then applied a few coats of sealer.


And that easy, I have a Minecraft Creeper bed tray ready for Dillon for Christmas!  One of my many planned projects for Christmas I will share!


2 thoughts on “Minecraft Creeper Bed Tray

    • So do I, it feels like you are giving the gift of your time because there is minimal cost involved. I’m very lucky both of my kids have always lived my handmade gifts☺. Repurposing is a lot of fun… trying to envision what you can turn something that would otherwise be garbage or recycling into something functional and that is now personalized!


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