Christmas in August – Part#3 – Recycled Cat Food Can Snowman Tins

This time it’s my turn for a Christmas craft and a recycling craft as well.  And since Kim’s snowmen have been so well received,  I did snowmen too!



With 2 cats in the house,  both eating canned food, we can easily accumulate a lot of cat food cans. What to do with them?

Why paint /repurpose them of course!

I decided to make little goodies tins. With handles attached at the end.

I started by pinching the sharp inside edge of the cans with my pliers.  At the end I will also add a row of glue from my glue gun to further protect from the edges.

Next I poked holes in each side of the can to thread wire through after for the handle.

I then started base painting the cans an off white colour and then shading with a chocolate brown colour around the top and bottom to sort of age them.


I drew on the carrot nose with a pencil.


Then painted them in with orange of course.


I used pink paint to pounce in rosy cheeks.


I free handed the “coal” eyes and mouth, using my dotting tool.  Then outlined the carrot in black using my fine lettering brush.


I added a few coats of sealer.



Then made and attached my handles. ..


and dressed them up a little!



Pretty cute for another basically free craft!



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