Gingerbread Jelly 

This week I made a batch,  well two batches, of Gingerbread Jelly for our Christmas Preserves baskets.  It was very easy and surprisingly quick to make.  And let me tell you, having the spicy scent of gingerbread in the house was wonderful!

Tomorrow it’s Dill Pickle making time!



This jelly is made using steeped Gingerbread Spice tea bags, apple juice and the usual ingredients when making jelly.

I swear the longest part of making this is letting the tea bags steep in boiling water for 30 minutes!

After the 30 minutes,  pull the tea bags out of the pot, I used a little strainer and a spoon to squeeze all the tea out of the bags. I didn’t want to miss even a drop.

I stirred in the sugar and apple juice.

And then the 2 tbsp of butter.

And brought it to a full rolling boil over medium high heat.

I mixed in with Certo and brought it back to a boil for 1 full minute.

I skimmed off the foam.

And poured it into my prepared jars.

Once all the jars were filled,  I processed it in a hot water bath for 10 minutes.

I removed the jars carefully from the pot  to cool and listened for the pops. My favourite part lol!

Then I wiped the jars down and labeled them. Nine cute little jars of delicious smelling Gingerbread Jelly!



Gingerbread Jelly 

Preparation time : 30 minutes Cooking Time : 20 minutes + processing time  Servings : 4 jars  (per batch)


  • 1 package,  20 tea bags, gingerbread spice tea
  • 2 1/2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup apple juice
  • 4 1/2 cups white sugar
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1 box Certo, I used the red box


  1. Prepare canning jars.
  2. Bring water to a boil in large pot.
  3. Add tea bags and let steep 30 minutes.
  4. Remove tea bags from pot after 30 minutes, using a strainer and spoon to squeeze all the tea out.
  5. Add apple juice and sugar to pot. Stir well.
  6. Add butter to pot.
  7. Bring to a full rolling boil.
  8. Add the Certo to mixture and stir in.
  9. Bring it back to a boil for 1 full minute.
  10. Remove from heat and skim foam off the top.
  11. Pour into prepared jars. Finger tighten lids.
  12. Process in hot water bath for 10 minutes.
  13. Remove from processing pot and allow to cool.
  14. Wipe down your jars and then label.

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