WIP, well, One of Many – IT’S DONE


It’s Done! Another Christmas gift off the To Do list! I finished it last night! 

I don’t actually have anything finished to post today so I thought I would share a scarf I am working on for a Christmas present.

I bought this really cool, very thick yarn from the Michael’s store when Kim and I went on our day excursion. It was fairly inexpensive but the colours and the texture were enough that I decided to buy it.  The colours are very vibrant and it is so thick that it will make someone a very warm scarf and a great gift!

This is the yarn!


And this is what I have done so far.  I picked up the wool and my crochet hook last night and managed to work through one ball!  Another good thing about working with such a thick yarn is that it works up quickly!  I should have this scarf done by the end of the week and I will update this post when I finish it!

I am just working a double crochet, chain one, skip a stitch, double crochet pattern over 15 stitches because I figured a fancy pattern wouldn’t really show up with the yarn being so thick.  I can dress it up at the end with some fringe!


I also bought this funky yarn, at the dollar store of all places, that I am also planning on crocheting into scarves for gifts.  Hopefully it isn’t a pain in the you know what to work with lol!!!



4 thoughts on “WIP, well, One of Many – IT’S DONE

  1. I am still in the baby stages of learning to knit. My current knitting WIP is a baby blanket. Easy enough, right? Not so much. Changing colors is a pain in my BUTT!! I guess I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

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