Repurposed Coffee Pot – Gingerbread Man


Kim and I are getting ready to do a Christmas Craft Sale this year so I have been doing some painting… that’s where I have been for the past couple days.  Base painting and waiting for paint to dry mostly.  The waiting is not my favourite past time!

This coffee pot was the pot that remained from an old coffee maker that stopped working years ago, and another one of those things that Chris found when cleaning out the “middle” garage lol. I thought, why not repurpose it! (I also made another different coffee pot that I will try to post tomorrow!!)



I started off with a plain old coffee pot that you get with your coffee maker. The coffee maker no longer works so instead of recycling the pot, I decided to paint it!


I base painted him, it took about 5 layers of paint… and a lot of waiting, to cover him fully.  I then traced a face on to the pot. He sort of looks like a brown pumpkin in this picture lol.


I also base painted the lid for the pot.  I had to use what Chris calls a Scotch Bright pad to rough up that surface to make sure the paint would stick.  I took a picture part way through so you could see the difference in texture.


Once the base painting was all done I was able to start the fun part.  I started painting the face on the gingerbread man.

When I had the face all painted on, I applied 3 coats of sealer to the pot.


I painted a few candy cane stripes on the handle of the lid and sealed it.

I put the lid on the pot when it was dry and added some ribbon to dress it up!


And this is the repurposed coffee pot, turned into a gingerbread man decoration! I am pretty sure I have another one of these pots somewhere, so I might have to make another one because he is so cute lol!


Stay tuned for the other type of pot I repurposed!


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