Faux Stained Glass Lotus Flower


This is the first of the crafts I mentioned in my Preview post!  I bought some stained glass paint yesterday at the BIG dollar store in town when Chris, my mother-in-law and I went on a nice shopping/lunch day!  We had a nice time and both she and I got some great craft items!

I plan on also doing a stained glass picture with a dragonfly on it for myself but for now I am doing one of a Lotus Flower for another Christmas Gift!


These are the items I started my project with. Everything came from the dollar store which is great!


I started off by printing a copy of a lotus flower picture I liked. You can see the one I decided on in the picture above.

Next I removed the cardboard backing from the picture frame and pulled the glass from it.


I cleaned the glass with Windex and then sort of centred and taped the picture to the back of the piece of glass. I placed the glass on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper.  Not only does it help keep any mess to a minimum but it also enables me to move the project wherever I want to work on it without having to worry about lifting the actual glass and possible smudge something!

And then started following the lines with what is called Liquid Leading.  I chose to use a gold Liquid Leading by Gallery Glass for this picture.

And I left it to dry for about 2 hours before I began the next step.  I didn’t want to inadvertently get the “glass” portion of the paint in the leading part!
Then came the fun part, or at least the part I was looking forward to!  Filling in the open spaces with the coloured Glass Paint.  All of this glass paint I got from the dollar store.  It was only $2 a bottle and the clear paint says right on the bottle that you can use acrylic paint to “tint” it if you want.  I might do that with white paint in some of the spaces too!

I used pink for the flower itself and of course green for the leaves.

I just sort of squiggled the paint when squeezing it out to get the look I wanted.

This is the picture part way through painting.

And this is the picture once all the areas were filled in.  Now it has to dry!

I left it to dry for another 2 hours and then I decided I wanted to spray a coat of sealer on it so that there is no chance of it peeling off over time.
Once that dried I hot glued the glass back into the frame and added a hanger.

And here is my finished Faux Stained Glass Lotus Flower picture for a special someone for a Christmas Gift!



13 thoughts on “Faux Stained Glass Lotus Flower

  1. Very nice! I recently broke the only gallery glass project I ever completed from years ago. It made me sad, because it was quite pretty. Like you, I used a picture frame and it was sitting on a window ledge when I accidentally knocked it off.

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