Gardening Update 

Well, here it is.  Another garden update! 

Things are definitely growing very well.  I have already picked 2 cucumbers and they are already gone,  already eaten lol.

There is another beautiful yellow rose. 

Leroy decided he was going to pose for a picture while I was taking pictures of the gardens so I decided to let him have a few seconds of fame. 

I have my first almost ripe tomato too! Can’t wait to slice and eat that baby.  It will at least make a little toasted tomato sandwich! 

The rest of the tomatoes are going crazy too.  Once they start to ripen we will probably have more than we can possibly eat.  Good thing is that I have a good marinara sauce recipe if needed!

Here are pictures of how well the rest are doing. 

And now it’s cucumber time. As I mentioned above, we have already eaten 2 cucumbers and as you can see there are another 2 almost ready to go as well as a curly cue cucumber growing. 

I don’t want to leave out the little pepper plant.  It was a big contributor to my hot pepper jelly! 

And to give credit where credit is due,  I’m not the only one having a good garden year.  Yesterday my mother and father -in-law sent us some of their bounty!  I made a nice cucumber salad with some of it!

That is my garden update for now. 



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