The Hummingbird

We have a lot of hummingbirds, probably because I have 9 or 10 hummingbird feeders hanging around the yard.  I think they are beautiful so I try to encourage them to come around.  I talk to them when they come to visit lol.

We also tend to witness a lot of hummingbird fights.  As I mentioned above, we have a lot of feeders but they still like to fight… and I mean squawking and dive bombing each other.  That is hilarious to watch.

This is my newest and I think most beautiful hummingbird feeder that Chris bought me a week or two ago for our anniversary!


It seems their favourite time to visit with me is when I am hanging clothes on the line from the back deck.  They like to sit on the clothes line while I am trying to hang the clothes and go back and forth from that to the feeders.  I, of course, just watch and wait so as not to disturb them.

Today when I was hanging the laundry, one kept coming back and forth, so I stopped hanging my clothes and went inside to grab my cell phone in the hopes that I could get at least a picture.

This one seemed to be having a very friendly day and I was actually able to take a short video of the hummingbird at one of the feeders and wanted to share it with everyone.  If you look closely you can see the beautiful green colour on it’s tail.

I do apologize for the video being a bit shaky, I did my best lol!  I hope you enjoy a few minutes with one of my hummingbirds!




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