Blanket Making Continues… And Granny Square Tips


It’s been a while! It’s currently my busiest time at work (as I work for a post-secondary institution, semester start is always very busy) and I haven’t been feeling well for a few weeks.

As you may have guessed, now that you know I haven’t been feeling well, I’ve been the very fortunate recipient of my mom’s recent soup creations. Let me first say that my mom’s potato soup is my all-time favourite. Whenever I was sick, it was the first thing I would request. Heck, I would even pretend to be sick (*cough cough*) if I knew it would get me some potato soup! So, while I’m not super excited to be feeling subpar at the moment, I am very happy that I got some of my mom’s potato soup, as well as the other soups she made me.

So, what have I been working on? Although I haven’t had a lot of free time and I haven’t been feeling well, I’ve still been busy crocheting whenever I can.

My current project is a baby blanket! It’s still in pieces and only partially completed but you can see below one of the squares and then a collection of the squares that are completed to date.


If you’ll recall, I only started crocheting about a year ago when I decided to make a scarf for my mom for her birthday. That scarf took me from September-December to finish. Since then, I’ve made a comfort blanket for my one friend’s baby and a bigger baby blanket for another friend. A third friend is expecting her first baby in November and so I’ve decided to work on a blanket for her little guy also.

With each project, I’ve tried to tackle something new. With my first blanket, I was just learning how to make a granny square. I remember my mom telling me how many things I would be able to make once I figured out the granny square. It certainly wasn’t easy, my first few looked more like pinwheels than squares because I couldn’t seem to get a handle on counting. Now that I’ve figured it out, I can whip up a square pretty quick.

For my second blanket, my goal was to go bigger. Round and round and round I went to expand my granny square into a blanket.

This time, I’m taking a slightly different approach. Rather than one big granny square, I’m making a bunch of smaller squares and then I’m going to connect them. So far, as you might be able to see above, I have 3.5 squares completed. I’m thinking that I’ll probably want to make a 3 x 4 blanket so I still have quite a few to make.

Each time I make a granny square, I reflect on my early struggles. I really had to use both the logical and creative parts of my brain to finally figure it out. For my logical brain – this required breaking my granny square down into numbers. It’s as simple as counting down from 5 to 1. I wanted to share this trick with anyone else new to crocheting that might have the same struggles.

5 – Let’s start by chaining 5 to make our circle!

5 chain

4 – We know that a square has four sides so we know we’re going to need to make 4 “bundles” of double crochets. I’ve shown below where they will sit once we’re done.

4 sides

3 – Each bundle will have three double crochets. Most important was remembering that when you finish your foundation circle (above) and whenever you start a new row, you will begin with a chain of 3. That chain of 3 will act as the first double crochet in your bundle of three. I think this was one of the hardest things for me to get my head around.

2 – You will want to chain 2 between each bundle of double crochets.

2 chain

1 – And that’s it, once you’ve finished all four bundles of three double crochets with a chain of two between each, you have round one of the granny square complete. The imagine below demonstrates all those numbers coming together!


After the first round it’s as simple as continuing, you just need to remember to put two bundles of the double crochets whenever you’re making a corner.


Hopefully, if you’re in the same position I was in and you’re struggling to get a handle on granny squares, this 5-1 countdown trick will help you also!

I look forward to checking in once all my squares are completed and ready to come together as a blanket.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Blanket Making Continues… And Granny Square Tips

  1. I had a tough time with granny squares too when I started!
    The “closed” type of granny squares end up being really useful as square bases for bags and baskets. I use them a lot, so I get a lot of practice time these days 👍👍

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