Another Faux Stained Glass Project

This is another, easy to make Stained Glass Project.  I did a project last week with a different faux stained glass method here Faux Stained Glass.

This time I tried a different method.  I do still want to revisit the other method and make myself a little dragonfly stained glass picture, but for today I am making this one.


The supplies needed for this project are likely supplies you already have on hand, shown in the picture below. And the majority of them can be purchased from the dollar store if you don’t already have them.


I started off by removing the glass from my picture frame.  I used 2 –  5 x 7 inch picture frames for this project.

I cleaned the glass, just using regular Windex, and laid the glass on some wax paper.


I choose the colours I wanted to use from my box of food colouring. I decided to go with a purple, teal and a pink.


I put a fairly thick layer of glitter glue, covering the entire piece of glass.  I also swirled it in the hopes these swirls would show up when it was finished.


I added blobs of food colouring, starting with the purple, on top of the glue.


Next, I used a toothpick to “swirl” the food colouring around in the glue.


I repeated this process with the teal and then the pink.


Now, you could leave it at this, with a sort of fireworks look to it, but I decided to take a paint brush and swirl the colours into each other a bit.  It sort of blurs the edges shown above. And yes, I swirled again lol… I am bound and determined I am going to get some kind of swirl in my stained glass picture.


I set it outside in the sun, still on the wax paper, to dry.

Once it was dry I gave it a quick spray with clear sealer and again set it in the sun to dry.

When it was fully dry, I used my dreaded hot glue gun, glued the glass into one side of my frame and then glued the two frames together to encase the glass.


I tied a nice ribbon at the top to hang it by and this is my newest Faux Stained Glass Picture!





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