Swirly Soap

I made soap again today, among other things. I really wanted to try my hand at making a sort of marbled looking soap.

I did make soap once or twice before, as documented in my Soap Making post.

We had workers here again which makes for a bit of added chaos… so I didn’t get as much done as I thought I would before I needed a nap 😦

I did manage to make some soap, although it didn’t quite turn out how I had planned.  It will still smell nice and work just as well.


And I did a bunch of base painting for my next projects.  Hopefully tomorrow after another Dr’s appointment I will be able to get everything drawn out on my wood that I want to cut out with the scroll saw this weekend!


I began with my usual soap making supplies.


I cut the melt and pour soap base into one inch squares, placed them in my microwave safe measuring cup and melted it on high heat in 20 second intervals until it was liquefied. Then I added the scent.  I used a Raspberry Vanilla for this one.

I poured the soap into my mold.


Then I added some drops of food colouring.


And used a toothpick to swirl the colour around.


I did the same thing with the space beside this one. (I am not sure why there are so many bubbles with this one? The pink swirled ones below this picture do not have these bubbles.)


Then I did the same thing on the other side, using the pink food colouring.


I had a little bit of leftover melted soap base, so I poured it into a bowl, swirled a bit of purple in it and put aside for me.


I let all of the soaps sit on the counter until they were solid again and then removed them from the molds, and they were done. They aren’t quite what I was aiming for, but they are still pretty and functional!




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