Garden Update

First let me start by saying thank you to all of you who follow my gardening attempt/exploits lol!  For those of you that find it boring, I apologize.  This is the first  year I have been able to grow anything so I am having a great time sharing what I have managed to grow with all of you!



MY FIRST TOMATOES!!!  I have been watching them and watching them and waiting for at least one of them to turn red.  It finally happened!  I actually also had two little cherry tomatoes as well but I gave them to Chris with his dinner last night lol.  But these are still my first real tomatoes!


The other one is kind of hiding behind some green tomatoes, but you can still see it!


You should see how many green tomatoes I have on my plants.  I sure hope they don’t all ripen at the same time or I am definitely going to need to use my marinara recipe and can some of it!


This tomato plant has gone crazy with green tomatoes but only a few are starting to ripen on it. It is almost covered up my one little cherry tomato plant!



NOTE: After taking the picture above earlier in the day, I was walking around the yard with Chris, showing off my plans.  He saw the cute little yellow tomatoes and I said something like I wish they would hurry up and ripen.

Well…. I am an idiot lol…. if I had looked at the tag that came with it again I would have seen that these little pear shaped tomatoes are supposed to be yellow!!!! I couldn’t believe what a dumb ass I had been…. waiting and waiting and waiting… we ended up having to chuck a few of them that had split they were so ripe!  Not to self…. check the tags that come with it 😦

Good news is that I was able to salvage a little handful of these cute little “yellow” pear tomatoes to have with our dinner!!!!  Here is the picture of my pitiful bounty (with both cats in the background DEMANDING that I feed them NOW lol!!!


And this is just a from above picture of the huge amount of tomatoes that have started.


The cucumbers are doing really well too.  I have three or four that are getting close to being ready and just picked another one for us to eat yesterday. There is nothing like having fresh vegetables and herbs straight from your own garden.



Mr. Curly Cue Cucumber is doing really well too. You can see it also has a little friend growing beside it lol.


The little rescued pepper plant is still doing well.  I worried that after a while it would become pot bound and stop growing/producing, but it is still doing great.


Same goes for the lavender.


And here is our wonderful herb garden.  It is still going strong and we will be able to chop and freeze some great herbs and turn the other into tea for our Christmas baskets!






22 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Your gardening does not bore me at all. I follow some others who are gardening and I’ll just let you know what I’ve learned: You will learn how to can and post about that. Consider me a seer of sorts. Your other option will be to have friends to give away your vegetables. Canning is a good option, though. For tomatoes you’ll need a pressure canner. Shopping! Onward! LOL

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      • You will need super special equipment for that, so now I shall follow your adventure. I live in a city where tomatoes and cucumbers get really cheap and no relish is to be found. To can relish is super easy because of the high acid content (ton of vinegar). To can marinara requires special equipment beyond the right jars and sealing lids. I’m waiting to see if I need to buy myself a canning pot that does not need extra acid for preservation. Still toying with the idea… but if you jump on it before me, you’re my guinea pig as far as cost.

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