Repurposed Décor – Elephants

In one of my auction bundles, I think the one where I won the keyboard for Kim, a pair of ceramic elephants were included.  While they were really, really awful, they were pretty awful lol. I set them aside with no clue really what I was going to do with them…. until last week!


I will include my review of this paint product at the end of this post!


When I was looking for spray paint for my “Tool Box Makeover,” that I will be posting in the near future I came across some “Stone” paint.  It is called “Make it Stone” by Krylon, and I bought it with no real plan for what I was going to use it for, just that I was going to use it for something lol!


I was very curious as to how a can of spray paint could make something look like stone but it was worth trying.  That is where the ugly elephants entered the picture.  I decided to “repurpose” the elephants to see if I could make them nice enough I didn’t want to hide them lol!

This is what I started with!  See how ugly they are!!!!


I gave the elephants a good washing and a quick sand before placing them in a cardboard box so there was no overspray.

(I was “grounded” from spray painting for a while because when I started my Tool Box Makeover I just laid down plastic on the stairs of the back deck.  There was a bit of overspray all around the plastic…. in an almost neon pink 😦 Needless to say, no one was impressed lol.  Oops!)


And then, following the directions on the can, I only shook it 10 times and then started to spray.

Note: I wore a face mask while spraying them so I wasn’t inhaling the fumes… not very pretty to look at but will help to not increase the level of my headaches lol.  I might include the picture of my face mask get up in the Tool Box Makeover project post…. might.


All total, I did about 5 coats, moving it this way and that to respray wherever I saw a spot of the original colour showing through. I let it dry at least an hour between coats so that I was able to handle it to move it around.

This is what my elephants look like now… and I hope you appreciate my pathetic attempt at a “jungle” background for them lol.  I moved the stool they were on to the fence so there was lots of green around them!


Oh, and this is one of our nosy neighbours trying to see what I was up to in the back yard lol! She thinks she’s being stealthy, hiding in the tall weeds, but it isn’t working very well.  Good thing she is cute!


My Review of “Make it Stone” by Krylon

This paint was easy to use, it continued to spray properly even with the bits of “stone” that are in the paint.  It covered well even though I just painted over top of the original paint colours.  As stated on the can, it is advised to give anything that has a gloss finish a quick sand to rough up the surface.

Would I use this product again?  Most definitely… I am already trying to think of what else I can “turn to stone” lol!

Note: I am also using Krylon paint for my Tool Box Makeover project, so I will also review that when completed.


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