PVC Pipe Hair Dryer/Curling Iron Holder

I saw this ages ago on Pinterest and actually made one for Kim last Christmas or the one before.  I decided to make another one to go with one of the Christmas baskets I am making for someone this year.  They are very easy to make and fairly inexpensive and tidy up the hair dryer and curling iron situation on your bathroom/bedroom counter!

When giving as a gift, I like to put a cardboard print out of a hair dryer and curling iron so the recipients know what it’s for!


Here is the style of PVC pipe I started with.


I used one of my sanding sponges and gave it a quick once over to rough up my surface for better paint adhesion. Chris told me I should always sand anything that has too smooth a surface or my paint won’t stick.


I base painted the whole thing.  Stupid me, I had originally painted the ends red then decided I thought it would look better black and ended up having to repaint something that was originally black back to it’s starting colour!

After the main colours were done I painted rough circles over all of the white part, trying to space them somewhat evenly to turn into roses as decoration.


When the red painted circles dried I used a very fine detail brush to paint swirls on the red to make them look like roses.
I added some leaves, using two colours of green on my small flat brush.

I added some glitter paint over the black… well, just because I thought it needed some glitter… what doesn’t need glitter????

And then I sealed it up so the paint does not peel off at some point from using it!  

Another partial Christmas gift off of my to do list!


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