Recycled Perrier Bottle – Santa

When we were out somewhere recently, Chris bought himself a bottle of Perrier Water.  Once he was done and getting ready to recycle it, it caught my eye.  I don’t know why but I kept seeing a Santa head.  Weird, huh?  It might be weird, but I went ahead and started on my Santa head with the bottle!

What I love about recycled crafts, other than the actual recycling part, is that they are basically free crafts which is awesome in my books!


Here is the bottle, do you see the resemblance?

I base painted it.

Note, before I started to base paint I gave the bottle a quick go over with one of my sanding sponges so the paint would adhere better. (I picked up a box of 5 sanding sponges at the dollar store for under $2)

Maybe you will see the resemblance in it now that I have base painted.  I painted the top red for his hat and the bottom white for his beard and mustache.


I drew a face onto the white portion, and base painted his face.


When the face dried, I started to add the fur around his hat using a textured snow paint, applied generously.


I painted the lid from the bottle with the textured snow paint, and let that dry.

I allowed them to fully dry before I got back to the face and the details on the face.

Once the face dried, I was able to start adding some shading to the beard and mustache.

And then I decided that the whole Santa hat needed some glitter!  It’s a Christmas decoration…. I am allowed to randomly add glitter!

wp-image-1217399110When everything was done and dry, I started to apply some sealer so the paint doesn’t peel off of the bottle.

I tied some ribbon around the top of the bottle. 

 Now my little Perrier Water bottle is ready to maybe put candies in for a gift, or to just use as décor somewhere come Christmas!




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