Repurposed Liquor Bottle Craft

Here is another repurposing craft.  Again, I saved something from the recycling because I thought I could “upcycle” it into something nice.  This time it is a Crown Royale bottle.  I thought I would combine testing out my new bottle of chalk paint I bought to redo a dresser for the craft room, and two I revisited the freezer paper transfer craft!



I began by washing the bottle out and removing the label.  I did that simply by letting it soak in warm water and the label literally fell off.


I applied one coat of the chalk paint on the bottle.  In hindsight, I am thinking maybe I should have gone with 2 coats because it does come off very easy… but that’s hindsight for you.


When it was fully dry, I took my sanding sponge to it, trying to only lightly remove the raised parts of the bottle, to age it a bit.


Here is a close up after sanding.


I found a pattern I liked online for the bottle… don’t forget to print in mirror image if the image isn’t already like that… like this one is. I printed it onto a piece of freezer paper that I had taped to a regular piece of computer paper.  (For Freezer paper transfer full instructions, please see our Freezer Paper Transfer post)

This is the pattern I chose. Just google it, there are tons of them available.


I transferred the image to the bottle. And yes, it is a little crooked… again… as mentioned in other posts, I have an eye issue from my car accident that causes me to see everything off center 😦


I gave it a few coats of sealer.


And then put the lid back on properly once it dried.

I think I might put some bath salts or bubble bath or something in it as a gift, or just for myself… still undecided.  I guess it depends on the general consensus as to how crooked it really is lol!



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