Fleece Blanket Bunny

Today’s craft is similar to the Towel folding crafts I have done.  I did some bears and a chick.  This time I am using a fleece blanket, or at least a square cut from a dollar store fleece blanket to make a cuddle bunny!

Wouldn’t this make a great gift?



I started out with a fleece blanket (I know, obviously lol), my scissors, embroidery floss for tying, some ribbon, paint and a handful of stuffing.



I started by tying off each of the corners, making one end a little bit bigger for the ears, using the embroidery floss.



I pulled in and tied off enough fleece between the “ears” to make the head and put the stuffing inside of it.


And they hand sewed the back of the head closed to enclose the stuffing.



Next I folded it so that the “arms” were up to where I tied off for the head, and tied that around the same place I tied off the head.


I tied my ribbon around the neck to make a nice bowl.


And using non-toxic paint, painted on eyes and a nose.  I just lucked out having part of the pattern from the fleece form a perfect “V” for my nose!


And that’s it, my cute little Fleece Blanket Bunny! And it took me less than 30 minutes!



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