Repurposed Ceiling Fan Blades 

When we replaced our ceiling fan blades last year or the year before, I decided to keep the actual blades for a possible craft project.

Last Christmas that project presented itself!

I decided to make some ceiling fan blade chalkboards for everyone.

Well, it didn’t happen last year.  I got the decorative parts done no problem.  The problem was the chalkboard paint.  We tried a spray version of it. It seemed to go on just fine but when it dried, it bubbled in places.

It was so close to Christmas and as usual I had way too many projects on the go, that we just left them.

I had completely forgotten about them until this past weekend when I happened to go to the storage unit with Chris.  There they were, sitting on a workbench.

I decided to bring them home, sand them and try repainting them with a brush on chalkboard paint I already had.

Here is a picture of them part way through my attempt at saving them.

And this is them after I redid the chalkboard paint.


Once they were fully dried, I tied some twine on for hanging and another piece to hold a piece of chalk!

Finally I can gift them!



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