Fall Sunrise from the Back Deck

I know this isn’t something we would normally post but the sunrise this morning was so beautiful that I wanted to share the views of it from our back deck.

The colours of the sky were so vibrant I just had to take a few pictures.  I hope you enjoy this quick step away from our usual posts!


20171023_072618 (2)

20171023_072609 (2)

20171023_072630 (2)


Fall has Arrived….

Fall has arrived, and that means preparing outside for winter, getting my butt in gear for Christmas and then getting ready for the new arrival after that.

I did manage to get a few “scenery” pictures taken when I was out for a walk.  It doesn’t really show the vibrant colours we are seeing everywhere this time of year but I still thought they were nice picture and wanted to share!

I got all of the chair/bench cushions from the back deck bagged and ready for storage and got all the patio furniture and everything else all stacked and ready for a tarp to protect them for the winter.  One more thing we can take off of our “Get done before Winter” list!  Next will be preparing the gardens…. putting away all of the garden ornaments, pulling annuals, all the necessary but not necessarily fun jobs the gardens require!  Then, and I hate even saying it right now, getting the Christmas lights up before it’s too cold to do it lol!

Back deck ready for winter!


It feels like this weekend disappeared before it even had a chance to make a proper appearance, it just flew by.  Yesterday was spent finishing the rest of the stuff I wanted to get cut out on my scroll saw before it’s too cold to use it outside.

I have cut out Dragon Bookends, a Dragon wall hanging you can see to the right of the saw, a little kitty cat door stop for my mother-in-law, our beloved crazy cat lady, a kitchen sign for someone else, a weird “anime” character for Dillon (he asked me if I could make a book divider for lack of a better description to stand inside a series of books he reads.  The character is called Colossus, and he is apparently always looking from above, and he wanted sort of the same thing to stand in the centre of the book series lol),  I cut out a big guitar pick shape to make a guitar hanger for my son-in-law…. you get the gist of it. There is still one thing I am hoping to get done but I know it will take a bit of time because it is another project that requires cutting a design into the centre of the wood, like the Dragon wall hanging.

Now comes the hard part…… sanding all of it!!!!


I still have a few Halloween/Fall projects I want to post during the coming week, they just aren’t done yet lol!  Stay tuned!

I hope everyone had  great weekend and got to experience the beautiful weather we have been lucky enough to have this weekend!


Stained Glass Candle Holder…. well, sort of

In between batches of cookies and making dinner yesterday I decided to try to turn an old, plain glass candleholder I had into a stained glass one.

While it did end up looking nice when it was done, it didn’t turn out even close to what I wanted it to!  I guess the dollar store glass paint I bought doesn’t quite cut it for painting something that doesn’t lay flat while drying! Lesson learned.  At least it’s still pretty when lit lol!



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Soft & Chewy Gingersnaps

Yesterday I made some Gingersnaps. When I make them I always think of our late Grandad.  These were his favourite “biscuits” and always remind me of him and how much we all loved and still all miss him. With our first Grandbaby on the way, Grandad has been forefront in my mind, hoping we can be as good of grandparent’s to our new grandbaby as he was with all of us!  He was one of those people that everyone loved, they just couldn’t help it…. that was our Grandad! As Kim would tell you, he spent many an hour in his last years with her on his lap, as a 4 and 5 year old having him read to her, reciting nursery rhymes to her and singing the alphabet backwards and forwards, something I don’t think I could even do now but he did without hesitation in his nineties!

Grandad approached everything he did with optimism, humour and love and is still so missed and thought of often! I don’t ever remember him not greeting us with a smile and a hug.

So, here’s to you Grandad, we will enjoy your favourite biscuits with a cuppa and a salute to all the good memories you left us with!



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Picture Frame Lantern 

I have been wanting to try this project for quite a while but haven’t gotten around to it until now. 


This project requires 4 picture frames and a top and bottom.  I again had Dillon cut the top and bottom pieces for me out of a wooden fence board that was laying around. 

I removed the glass and back of the frame and then painted all the frames.  I also base painted the top and bottom the same colour. 

I waited, and waited, my least favorite thing, for the paint to dry. 

Once it finally dried I hot glued the 4 picture frames together to form a box.  A box without a top or bottom but still a box.

Next I hot glued the bottom to the “frame box,” and the little handle Dillon cut me out of a piece of 1 x 1.
I wrapped some elastics around the box to hold everything in place while I ran a bead of glue over all the seams.

When the glue was well set, I painted over the glued seams so they matched.  When that was dry, I applied a coat of sealer and let that dry. 

Now all I needed to do was put the glass back in the frames and fill the lantern!