Herb Garden Update – Tea

A few weeks ago, I hung some of the Chocolate Mint and Chamomile flowers out to dry on one of those old fashioned hanging clothes lines.  I wanted to try to make tea with the dried leaves/flowers


This post is about how my making tea endeavor went lol!


As shown above, I have had some of the chocolate mint (which smells delicious by the way) and some of the chamomile flowers we grew in our little herb garden.


I found some empty tea bags at the dollar store of all places…. perfect for what I need!


I started with the chamomile.  I ran my fingers down the ends of the flowers and the dried pieces came right off.


I separated the leaves from the flowers… not sure if there is any use for the dried leaves themselves?

I only ended up with enough  for one tea bag lol.. but it is still a fun experiment.  Too bad I prefer coffee to tea!


I folded the parchment paper in half to make it easier to pour into the tea bag.


And pulled the strings tight to close the tea bag.  Because I was making 2 kinds today I put a “C” with marker on this one.


And then it was on to the chocolate mint.  I followed the same process.



I only ended up with 4 tea bags but I have already started to dry more of the chocolate mint and then some of the Lemongrass we are growing as well!


At least a few people can enjoy some home grown tea! Hopefully we can make enough to add at least one tea bag to each of our Christmas Preserve Baskets!


Before the frost hits, I am going to make some herb “bombs.” I am going to chop it up in the food processer, mix it with olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays.  Stay tuned.  I will post when I make them!

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