Faux Stained Glass #4 – The Skull

Yes, I made another one of these lol.  I have been happy with the faux stained glass pictures I made in Part #1, Part #2 and Part #3 so much I decided to keep going and make a few more.  This one obviously a skull picture and the last one, which is in progress will be a dragon!

It is back to the scroll saw today… hopefully I can get a few more projects cut out and ready for painting!

As with the other three, I started by finding a picture I wanted to make into stained glass and printed it.

I cleaned the glass and taped the picture I had already printed to the  back of the piece of glass and following the lines of the picture, applied the liquid leading..


Once that was completely dry, about 2 or 3 hours, I started filling in all the spaces with the stained glass paint.

I didn’t have any white or gray, so I just mixed those two colours into the clear glass paint.
This is the picture fully painted and set out to dry.


Once this part was fully dry, about another 2 hours…. I took it outside and gave it a quick spray with sealer to make sure the paint doesn’t peel off.

I cut down the frame backing and glued the glass and the cut frame backing to the back of the frame and attached ribbon to the top for hanging.

And that’s it, another Christmas present off my list and the second last of the faux stained glass pictures I wanted to get done!


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