Faux Stained Glass #5 – The Dragon

Here is my 5th and I think final installment of the faux stained glass pictures I have been making for Christmas gifts.  I have been undecided about doing a 6th one but so far I am stopping at 5.

This time I made a Dragon one because my son-in-law likes dragons…. as you will see by some of the other up and coming posts lol!

It’s hard to see but the background is blue.


I made this project the same as the other four faux stained glass pictures I made.

I started off by choosing a picture, taping it to the back of the cleaned piece of glass and then following the lines of the picture with my liquid leading.


I started filling in the colours with the glass paint.


And kept going until all of the glass was covered in paint of one colour or another to form the picture.


I let it completely dry, then sprayed a quick coat of sealer on it and returned it to it’s frame, with the frame backing modified so you can see the picture on both sides of the frame and the sun can shine through it.

Here is my dragon faux stained glass picture for another project off of my To Do list for Christmas gift giving!


6 thoughts on “Faux Stained Glass #5 – The Dragon

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