Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Before I jump into my most recent craft, a Thanksgiving centerpiece I made for dinner at my mom’s house yesterday, I wanted to comment on all the delicious foods my mom has been posting this week.

I was one of the lucky few that was able to eat all the yummy foods at yesterday’s dinner and everything was perfect! I’ve been feeling sick for a few weeks and it’s the first time in a while that I’ve sat down and eaten a full meal – and it was worth it! Thanksgiving has always been one of my favourite holidays and I’m hoping some of the recipes from yesterday (like the stuffing and the buns) return for Christmas dinner!

My contribution was unfortunately small yesterday. I really wanted to make a centerpiece for dinner but hadn’t had a chance to finish prior to heading up to my mom’s house yesterday so I brought all my crafting supplies with me and was able to finish quickly and set the centerpiece on the table with two cute little pumpkins my mom had already decorated with ribbons.


This craft started last week when I received an e-mail from Michaels (craft store) letting me know that their fall and Halloween items were on sale. I picked up some beautifully-coloured fall flowers, cute little (non-scary) scarecrow people, ribbon, and then a clay pot to put everything in.


I started working on it midweek, painting the clay pot. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well and that was as far as I made it that night. I wanted to paint the clay pot black (like a pilgrim hat) but didn’t have any black paint. Instead, I used a watered down brown colour to create a brush stroked look. In the end, I think it worked better with the colurs than black would have.


I still had some ribbon left over from previous crafts at home (like my Mad Hatter Clay Pot) so I used that along with the new ribbon I got from Michaels. The ribbons were superglued onto the pot. I find superglue is the easiest to use for these types of projects.

Once the clay pot was ready, I cut the flowers so that I could insert them loosely into the pot in a pattern that I liked.


And that was it! I did add a few finishing touches (like some leaves into the front ribbon) with a few items I picked up from the dollar store and then we set it on the table.

In very little time, we had a centerpiece for our Thanksgiving dinner!

Until next time!



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