Thanksgiving Leftover Poutine 

We had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner.  Everyone ate way too much and had a nice visit. Thank you to Kim for the compliments on dinner. 

The only downside is that having company “broke” Kita l.

She loves company but it tuckers her out!

Now to this post….

What do you do with your Thanksgiving leftovers? We usually have a second big meal the next day, but this year I decided to go a different route.  This time we made Poutine with the leftovers.  

I saw something like this on Pinterest and thought I would try my own version!

(I got curly fries by accident 😕)


I didn’t take any ingredients picture or any documenting the steps picture either because technically everything is already cooked. Well, I did have to cook some frozen fries and reheat leftovers, but I doubt you are interested in that.

All I took was before and after the “toppings” pictures of the fries. 

This is the before. 

This is the after. After I covered them in leftover turkey, stuffing, gravy and grated cheese, making them into a wonderfully, messy leftover poutine dinner!

Did I mention delicious lol?
Please let us know what your favourite thing is to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers 

* On another note…..

While dinner was cooking Chris came to the window to tell me he found a little snake in the garage.  I of course had to go out to see it lol. It was the cutest, tiniest snake I’ve seen! It was only about 3 or 4 inches long. I tried to pick it up but he was so small I was worried I was going to cut the end of the tail off with my thumb nail but at least I got to see it. 

We googled his description and it is just a baby northern brown snake and it said it isn’t venomous, that its only protection against “grabby humans ” like me is to pee on them lol!

Here are a few pictures of it. I named him Squirmy after Oscar the Grouch’s friend lol!


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