Repurposed – Tool Box

I have needed a new tool box for quite a while.  I somehow keep accumulating more and more tools and have no where but the kitchen drawers and such to put them.

When the kids were cleaning out their father’s place back in August I think it was, we/they came across an old tool box that they were going to chuck in the recycling.  I decided it was worth a chance to try to “Girl” it up and brought it home.

It is this project that had me under a spray painting ban for awhile lol.  I covered one set of stairs on the back deck with a bunch of garbage bags and started to paint.  

Unbeknownst to me at the time, there was some overspray.  Chris came home and the stairs had some pink stripes (embarrassed face lol).  That was when he told me that I couldn’t spray paint anymore, that he would do it.

So, I waited, and waited, and waited because Chris is really busy and finally I decided I was going to do it myself. He pulled an old folding table out of one of the garages, covered it in paper and stuck it, and me, in the middle of the yard to spray paint.  Apparently if the grass ends up pink, it can just be cut lol!


I started by donning a surgical mask so that I wasn’t inhaling any fumes and making my headache worse….


and then giving the tool box a coat of white primer so that hopefully this pink paint would stick!


And then I started spraying on the pink paint.  I think I sprayed about 6 coats of the pink to cover up the awful beat up black it was before.


This is what I mean by being stuck in the middle of the yard lol!


When it was all painted pink, I cut out a flame stencil to add to the front. I put little pieces of rolled up tape on the back to adhere it to the tool box.


I painted the flames black and tried to do a bit of shading with the spray paint but that didn’t work out so well.


I then decided to go over the black attempt at shading with some white model paint I borrowed from Dillon.


When I was done with the white I thought, why not add some more colour to the flames and used some yellow to highlight on the inside of the black and then went back with the white and I did some thin highlighting again.


I took it back outside, put a coat of sealer over top of the flames and my tool box was finally finished! I can finally move all of my tools out of the kitchen drawers and wherever else I have stashed them and into my new Girly Tool Box!


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