Popsicle Stick Scarecrows

I wanted to make something today that was fairly quick to make, considering I am still not feeling up to par, and fitting with the season.  I ended up deciding on a popsicle stick craft I saw on Pinterest a while back. I am still hoping to do a bit of baking today for lunch snacks and then if possible, spend all day tomorrow at my sewing machine. Fingers crossed!

This project is easy enough that it would make a great kid’s seasonal craft as well!



I started by cutting about an inch off of the end of 2 popsicle sticks.


I used a pair of pliers to cut the popsicle sticks… this is part of the craft you would want to take care of if you are doing this craft with kids.


I glued full popsicle sticks across the length of the cut piece.



I took another full stick and glued it on an angle across the front of the full popsicle sticks I just glued on.  This will form the brim of the Scarecrow’s hat.


I painted the “hat” a nice bright orange.


Then started to add a face to the bottom portion. (I will show the finished face after the next step)


Next I cut strips of wool.  I had a wool that was sort of “straw coloured.” For the Boy scarecrow, I cut 6 x 3 inch strips.  For the Girl scarecrow, I cut them about 6 x 6 inches long so that I could make braids.


I put a knot in the centre of each grouping of 3 strips of wool. Then I braided the sets for the girl.



I finished the face and glued the wool on the back of the hat brims. To attach the wool, I just folded the piece for the boy in half and glued down at the know.  For the girl, I just glued the top of the braid at the original knot.

I attached a knotted piece of ribbon at the back to use as a hanger…. and that’s it.  A “Couple” of cute little Popsicle Stick Scarecrows to decorate with for Fall!

You could go further and personalize them with other bits of ribbon, flowers, wherever your imagination takes you.  Just have fun with them!



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