2 x 4 Pumpkin Decor

Yesterday ended up being a base painting day. I had stuff on the kitchen table, the counter, everywhere! It was very messy but a good start to a few projects!

I had Dillon saw some pieces of 2 x 4 for me and went to work from there.


I began by giving the ends a quick sand so there were no rough edges. 

Dillon cut them at 6″, 7 ” and 9″. I went outside to find a fallen branch and cut it down to 3 pieces about 2 “each.

I put 2 coats of a Burnt Orange paint on all three of them.

When they were dry, I sanded the edges to give them a sort of rustic look. 

I gave them a coat of sealer and let that dry.
Once dry I hot glued the stems at the top, added a few leaves I had from a fake plant and then wrapped the green pipe cleaner around a pencil to curl before gluing it into place as well. 

Because we had 2 x 4’s laying around, as well as the other items in my craft stash, this was a free craft.

It was also very easy, something a kid could also make if the wood was cut ahead of time.

I’m going to do a few more 2 x 4 crafts in the coming weeks but those are related to the “C” word ( aka Christmas!)


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