Sewing – Zippered Pouch

Finally!  I finished the last of the three items I wanted to sew for my little group gift for a few people.  I already made the Coffee Cozy and the Sleep Mask for these gifts, I just had to get the zippered pouches completed, and I did that on Friday!

Now I just need to make some Christmas soaps to go in the little pouches.



To make these I began by cutting two rectangles, one for the outside of the bag, one for the lining.  I cut them about a cm more on each end than the zipper and I cut mine to about 24 cm long.

Note: These pouches can be made bigger or smaller by using a longer or shorter zipper and cutting the length to difference measurements. Mine are 14 cm by 24 cm.

I folded over the edges on each end and pinned them to the zipper.


I sewed the zipper in.  I did have to open the zipper to get the presser foot past the zipper pull.


I turned the tube I had sewn inside out and pinned the ends closed.


Once that seam was sewn, I pinned the corners of each side, 2 corners per side.  These will give the zippered pouch some depth.


I sewed these seams, using the measuring grid on the sewing machine to make sure they were uniform.


All four corners sewn.


I hand stitched the “corners” together at the points, this also covers some of the raw edges from the end stitching.


And then turned them right side out.  I ended up making four of these but could only post pictures of 3 of them because of the possibility of one of the recipients actually seeing it!


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