Wood Dragon Cut Out Wall Hanging

I’m pretty sure I at least previewed this wall hanging in one of my previous posts but now it’s finally Finished!  And I am pretty happy with the results.  I hope my son-in-law likes it!


I am out of town at the doctors today, so I rushed yesterday to get this ready to post!


I found a pattern I liked online, traced it onto my wood (I used 3/4 inch Pine) and then cut it out.


I made a “Stain” by mixing black acrylic paint with water.  Probably a 9:1 ration or water to paint.  You can always add extra coats to darken it instead of trying to lighten it!


I applied that to the wood and let it dry.


I took it outside and gave it a coat of spray on sealer.


And then I had to decide what colour I wanted for a backing.  I sent Kim a text yellow and then red behind it…. we chose the red.

I traced the shape onto the red card stock and then cut it out.  I used just plain white glue to attach it to the back of the cut out and then applied a saw tooth hanger and it was done!

Another gift to mark off my To Do List!!!!


6 thoughts on “Wood Dragon Cut Out Wall Hanging

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