Freezer Paper Transfer – Faux Vintage Coke Signs

Here is another one of those Freezer Paper Transfer crafts.  I thought it would be cute to take some dollar store wooden plaques and add old fashioned Coke logos to them for someone I know with a “diner” type kitchen décor!

I wanted them to end up looking sort of old and washed out but where you could still make out the actual logo.



As mentioned above, I just started with a couple of dollar store wooden plaques, some paint, freezer paper, my printer and some wire for hanging.

I started by base painting the wooden plaques.  I just made a light gray stain for these because I remembered the transfers work best on light colours.

These dried giving the plaques a sort of weathered look.

I went online and chose 2 logos that I liked to use for this project, set them up as a “mirror image” for printing, then printed the onto the freezer paper.
I quickly placed the freezer paper image onto the wooden plaques and rubbed the back of the freezer paper to make sure the ink adhered.

Then I made a red and a black stain, the same way as above, to blend the colours between the wood and the transfer a bit.

Once the ink from the freezer paper and “staining” was dry, I gave both a quick coat of sealer.

Lastly, I fed wires through the drilled holes and wrapped the ends around a pen to finish the ends of the wire hanging part.
And here are my finished Freezer Paper Transfer Coke Signs!



Again, another project off of my “To Do” List for Christmas!  I am getting there, slowly but surely!


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