A Coffee (and Hot Chocolate) Countdown to Christmas!

Today we’re gathering to celebrate my mom’s birthday (coming this week) in a Minion-themed birthday party! Since we’ll be busy enjoying ourselves at the party, I wanted to share a craft from this past week. I hoped to post it a couple days ago, but time has gotten away from me and it seems appropriate to post today while we’re celebrating and taking a break from crafting.

The idea for this craft started a couple weeks ago. With my own little one on the way, I started to think back on my childhood memories of the holidays. My mom made my brother and I so many cool things. One thing I kept thinking about were these fabric Christmas tree advent calendars with pockets on them. Rather than opening a little door and getting cheap chocolate from a store-bought advent calendar (which we’ve also enjoyed over the years), we got actual chocolates and candies like mini Hershey’s bars or kisses hidden inside the pockets of the tree.

I have many memories of the advent calendar and hope to do something similar for my children one day. I remember my brother would check my calendar and steal any of the chocolates that he wanted. I seem to recall one day when he had eaten my chocolate for the day and placed the aluminum wrapper back into my tree so that I wouldn’t know – until it was time to eat it, of course.

For this year, I wanted to take the idea of a non-traditional advent calendar for my hubby and me. Instead of chocolates or candies, we opted for coffee or (in my case) tea, hot cider, and hot chocolate (since I’m not a coffee drinker).

We have a Keurig machine, so we knew we could stop and mix-and-match different flavours together from a local store that sells loose k-cups, but we needed to make something to hold/hide them in.

We stopped at the Dollar Store and grabbed our supplies. We picked little white paper bags that would fit the cups in them and then collected different items to decorate the bags. I found these cute little gift tags that looked like wine bottles and grabbed some glitter. My hubby grabbed some ribbon and sticker gift tags for the ones he made me (he didn’t want to share the ones he made – I think they’re awesome!). And then we grabbed some little clips to hang the bags and hold them closed.







For mine, I started by cutting the back half of the gift tags (because they opened) so that they were easier to glue. I also grabbed a pack of 24 (and needed 25) so I was careful to save the backs to try to find the best ones for the 25th day.

I grabbed a permanent marker to mark down the days on the bags and then started gluing. I decided that I would change the direction the bottles were facing every five bags to keep it interesting.









Once they were all glued, I used a glue stick and glitter to add some extra sparkle to each of the bags.









25 bags later – it was time to choose which drinks went for each day.












We then taped some string to the wall and used the cute little Christmas clips to hang the bags.

I wish I could say they stayed on the wall like this, but the bags were a bit too heavy for the string, it kept raining glitter, and we have a very curious cat. Within a day, we took the bags down and placed them on a shelf for easy access. It works just as well and saves us from having to sweep up the falling glitter every day.

Since we grabbed mostly sweet drinks, we’ve opted to drink them in the evenings for a post-dinner treat. It has been so much fun and a complete surprise every day. I don’t even remember the ones I put in hubby’s bags (I was able to get him 25 unique drinks because there was so much selection) so it’s equally as fun to see what he’s drinking each day.

For me, Friday was cider, yesterday was peppermint tea, and only time will tell what I get today (I’m feeling like it’s going to be hot chocolate).

My hubby is excited to make this a tradition and suggested mini alcohol bottles next year when I’m no longer pregnant!



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