Christmas Decorating is DONE!!!!

I set today aside to do ALL of my Christmas decorating because we are heading down to Kim’s place tomorrow and next week is so full of plans I don’t know if I will surface until next weekend when I think Kim and I are going to have a Christmas baking day!

The tree is decorated!  Chris bought me a new, pre-lit artificial tree this year and what a time saver it is having the lights already strung!  We normally get a real tree but decided this year to go this route, and I love my new tree!  Thanks Chris!!!

Here it is in all of it’s decorated glory lol, if I say so myself! (To the right of the tree you can see the stocking holder we made last year.  We used a 4 x 4, a few pieces of 1 x 6, a whole lot of ribbon, a nice finial and some coat hooks.  So much neater looking than where I had them hanging before…. and easy to do)

Because the tree was pre-lit I had a whole crap load of indoor Christmas lights in the bins.  I decided I wanted to do something I saw on Pinterest.  I saw somewhere on that wonderful idea heaven where someone put Christmas lights in the space above their kitchen cupboards and it just seemed a perfect way to use those lights.

I tacked up some Poinsettia garland first and then just sort of shoved the lights in bunches in between the fancy serving bowls I keep up there. I was really happy with how it turned out!


I decorated the patio doors in the kitchen with some of the Poinsettia garland, some snowflake window stickers and a few ornaments… just so it didn’t feel left out!


I had an old enamel roast pan that my mother in law gave me a few years back instead of it going to a charity shop.  I kept saying I was going to do something with it and never got around to it…. until this year.  I put some batting, pinecones, fake candles, ornaments and a bunch of other stuff in it.  I think it could still use a few pine bows but other than that I don’t think it looks too bad.

It went from just batting and the candles….


To a centerpiece for our kitchen table.  Hopefully the damn cats leave it alone lol…. one of them has already been trying to chew on one of the wreaths and into every bin while I was decorating!!!


I also found a few things that I had completely forgotten making last year.  

One of them being a “Days Until Christmas” platter.  All I did was use chalkboard paint in the centre of the platter to write the numbers on.  I used some white acrylic paint to do the wording, hot glued a nice bow on it and it was done!  All I have to do is remember to actually do the countdown.  When I pulled it out of one of the bins from last year, it was still at 7 days left lol!  Guess I got too busy… imagine that!


I also found the cute little 2 x 4 reindeer I made last year! 

Opening the Christmas bins is sort of like opening gifts for me because I forgetfrom one year to the next what I made lol!



16 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating is DONE!!!!

  1. Wow! I live with Scrooge, and I’m Scrooge 2, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to stay over at your house. I love this!!!! I don’t get into Christmas much, but I truly love it. I think the photo that snagged me was of the kitchen cabinets with the lights.

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