My Christmas Cookie Grams

I want to start first by thanking my kids, Kim and Dillon (more Kim than Dillon lol, he did not carry his fair share, Kim hosted at her place), for my MINION 50th 😦 Birthday party yesterday!  Kim was a great host, everything was perfect and it was so nice to see everyone!

Here is a picture of my birthday cake from yesterday… I forgot to take pictures of all the minion decorations!


This morning I did my annual Christmas Cookie Grams.  I make them every year for my mother-in-law to give out to her clients.  I used to have a small home based business making Cookie Grams called “Say It With Cookies,” but when we moved up north it sort of fizzled out.  I do still keep my now standing order for these ones.


Normally I do upwards of 20 – 24 of them but this year she only required 12 of them so I pushed and got them all done and ready to go this morning.


This is what my ingredient picture looked like this morning lol, and that wasn’t all of it!


I use my Favourite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for them.  One batch, full recipe’s worth, makes two of these cookie grams., which are made in 12 inch pizza pans lined with parchment paper.

I mix up a batch and split the batter between my two pizza pans.


Using my fingers, I press the batter out until it fully and as evenly as possible covers the whole pan.


I bake them at 350 degrees for 10 – 12 minutes until they are golden brown all over.


While they are baking, I assemble the pizza boxes that I use for these.

Once the cookies have cooled I place them in the boxes and decorate them assembly line style.

I melt chocolate icing in the microwave.  A full tub of premade icing takes about a minute to get to the right consistency.


I drizzle the melted chocolate icing over top of the cookies in a sort of grid pattern and while it is still melted sprinkle the Christmas sprinkles I got on top.

And this is the completed Cookie Gram, ready to be boxed up, wrapped up and transported!



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