Creepy Looking “Colossus”

Let me start by saying that yes, I do know how ugly that is lol!

Dillon watches a TV show called Attack on Titan.  Colossus is apparently one of the characters.  In true fashion, when I asked him what he would like for Christmas he picked something that was going to put me through my paces lol.

He wanted, more or less, what he referred to of a giant wooden book mark in the shape of this Colossus’ head to put in the centre of his collection of books with the same title. Apparently the Colossus in the show is always looking down on everyone else and he thought it would be fitting!



So…. I scoured the internet for pictures of this Colossus fellow (At least I think it’s male lol) and found a picture of just it’s head and shoulders to try to cut out and paint.

This is the image I found to try to follow along with. It even gave me a bit of a colour scheme to work with!


I had already cut the shape out with the scroll saw in the summer with everything else, so I basically just had to try to paint it.

I tried to colour match as best I could, painted it up…. I even had to use my really fine brush… you know, the kind that has like 2 bristles on it?

Here it is straight after I finished painting it.



And this is “it” after a coat of sealer.  Hopefully it ends up being exactly what Dillon wanted lol.  At least it is another project off my to do list….especially considering I only have 11 or 12 days left!!!



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