“Zelda” Stacking Boxes

This is another one of the Picture Ideas Kim gave me as an idea to make for my son-in-law for Christmas. Being a fan, these logo stacking boxes will be a great addition to his computer desk at home or work! And even better, I was able to get everything I needed for these at the Dollar Store!



I started with a set of three paper mache boxes in three different sizes.


I couldn’t find “treasure chest” shaped, graduated sized boxes so I had to use square ones… I don’t think he will complain much lol!

I gave them a quick base paint with a heavily watered down brown paint.  I was looking for a sort of tortoise shell finish because these boxes are paper Mache and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull off a wood grain.

Then I found an image of the Zelda logo online and printed a few copies in different sizes to work with the boxes.  I painted them on in plain black because that was how it looked in the picture Kim sent to me.


I gave all three a few coats of sealer and let that dry.


When that was dry it was time for what was going to be the hard part!  Adding the leather strips and tacks.

Once I was finally able to cut the leather into fairly uniform strips it was time to attach it to the boxes with upholstery tacks.

This is all the stuff I used for this step in the process.


For the first box, I forgot what Chris told me ages ago when trying to hammer in a short nail, or in this case tack…. to use my needle nosed pliers to hold the nail/tack while I start hammering.  Needless to say, the relearning of this tip caused a lot of cussing lol!

I found it easiest to hammer in the tacks at the front and back ends.  This held the middle part straight for me, making it easier to hammer in those tacks. Once I got the hang of it, this part didn’t take more than about a half hour, including the multiple attempts to cut the strips straight.  Based on the size of these boxes, I cut my strips at 1/2 inch wide and then the length from front to back of each box, times 2.

It probably would have been much easier if I had thought to glue the strips to the boxes first but one, hindsight they say is 20/20 and I am very quickly running out of time, so any short cuts I can take help!

So, here are the completed boxes.  I could have made the logo on the smallest one a little bit smaller because when I printed it I didn’t factor in the width of the strips, but I still thing they turned out pretty good, if I say so myself…. not bad working just from a picture! (Although, full disclosure… you can sort of see an outline of my little pink hammer head on the middle box where I missed hitting the tack!!! Oops!)




Since Chris does actually read, or at least read the starting blurb of our posts I couldn’t do a full post on something I painted for him.

A while back he told me that if I wanted to make him something for Christmas he wanted something cool to hang from the horizontal chimney pipe coming out of the back of the shop.  I couldn’t decide at first what I was going to make but then hockey season started again (another hockey season I can’t watch because of my head!!!) so I decided to make him a Toronto Maple Leafs flag to hang from the pipe, incorporating their new logo!  I was going to add something to it with it being an anniversary year for them but realized unless you were looking at it up close you wouldn’t notice it anyway!

I made it double sided but with only one side featuring the full logo.  The other side is just the blue maple leaf.  I added “O” hooks to the top and will attach a light chain to it for hanging!

Hopefully he approves lol!!!


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