Christmas Yule Log Cake

There is a fuss pot in our family, not naming names or anything (Dillon), who doesn’t like pie…. who doesn’t like pie?  Anyway, I always make a second dessert for Christmas day dessert that the fuss pot will eat.  This year I made a Yule Log Cake for the second dessert.  We always have a tray of our homemade cookies on hand to have with dessert and coffee/tea but I still like to have something else made.



I cheated and used a cake mix for this recipe.  I seemed to be running out of time and it’s okay here and there to cheat and use a box mix…. right????


I put the 5 eggs,  1/2 cup of water and 1/3 cup of vegetable oil in a large bowl with the cake mix and mixed it until there were no lumps.


When it was mixed I spread about 3 cups of the mixture evenly onto my prepared cookie sheet.


The rest I just spread into a round cake pan to add to the other cake I was making for a trifle recipe.


I baked it at 375 degrees for 15 minutes, until it was browned and baked through.


Next I sprinkled the icing sugar on a clean tea towel.


And then inverted the baked cake onto it carefully.


And then started to roll the cake up in the tea towel.


Once it was fully rolled I set it aside until it was completely cooled.


Once fully cooled, I carefully unrolled the cake and started to spread the chocolate icing on it.

And then I rolled it back up… not as neat as I wanted, but no one will notice once it’s fully iced lol!

Then I started to ice the outside. (You can also see where I cut a little circle out of the round cake to make a knot in the tree, which I also iced.)


Here it is fully iced.


And then I just added decorations.  When I was making something else, that I will hopefully get posted before Christmas, I made some candy melts holly leaves and used a few cinnamon hearts for the holly berries to dress it up a bit.



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