Bird Nest Ornament (Old German Tradition)

I wanted to make a special ornament for my mother-in-law because she has been under a lot of stress lately… just a little pick me up.  I scoured Pinterest for some old German traditions, something she might remember from her childhood, and came across the tradition of placing a bird’s nest in the Christmas tree and ran with that!



This is what I used to make it.  I couldn’t find anything else “donut” shaped so I ended up going with a puppy chew ring for the shape of the next lol… it worked!


Because it was way out of season for any sort of egg decoration, I ended up mixing up two colours of polymer clay and rolled it into three little eggs for the next.  Once they were formed, I baked them on a piece of tin foil at 200 degrees until they were hard.  It took about an hour.


While the eggs “cooled,” I cut a piece of cardboard and hot glued it to one side of the chew ring to make a bottom for the nest.


And then started to hot glue the moss onto the ring and cardboard to make my nest. Then I added some ribbon as a hanger and a cute little bow.


I hot glued the little eggs into the middle of the nest.


I made a print out of a poem I found to go with it after I added a nice Christmas border to it, rolled it up like a scroll and attached to the outside of the package.


And then wrapped it up pretty for her! She was really happy when I gave it to her!


4 thoughts on “Bird Nest Ornament (Old German Tradition)

  1. My, my. Aren’t you clever!

    So what do a dog chew toy and homemade eggs have in common? A very thoughtful, personal gift that will be remembered every year.

    I always put at least one bird on my tree, guess I need to come up with a nest for him. I’ll pin this and see if I can come up with something for next year.
    Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. They have absolutely nothing in common. It was me grasping at straws for a way to make it! My choice of materials may have been strange but the gift was well received! Thanks for the comments, it is appreciated and I hope you have fun making your own nest Jan 😊


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