It’s Craft Room time!!!

Sorry we have been absent for a few days.  I am claiming a Christmas hangover.  I have done pretty much nothing but what was absolutely required and a lot of napping but I think it’s go time again!

The other day I started to clean out the craft room.  Over the past few months it’s served more as the Christmas and wrapping room and it was a huge mess!

You can see the huge bag of pretty much recycling in one of the pictures!

I am going to start by painting the furniture.  Most of it will be done with a chalk paint finish.  I bought this colour of chalk paint from Amazon a while back.  I’m going to use it on this dresser. 

For the sewing table I think we are going to go with this one. I have the sewing machine set up so it can be used but had to put a cardboard box over it until I make a cover to keep the cats out of It!

We have decided to switch from the queen size bed to a futon.  We got one with wooden arms so I think I will paint it the same as the dresser. 
I have this octagonal end table I was going to make into a cat bed/table but there’s a possibility it may be painted and used in the nursery instead.

And there’s this dresser:( I’m not sure if it’s worth trying to rescue.  It was Dillons when he was a baby!

There is a lot of work to do but I’m happy it’s finally time to get going on it !

6 thoughts on “It’s Craft Room time!!!

  1. I also have a craft room. But its code word is “spare bedroom.” You’ve only taken two days off from blogging? I’ve gone a couple of weeks without posting. Here in Spain Christmas FINALLY ENDED on January 6. Christmas here is your worst nightmare. It goes on and on for weeks, from December 24 to January 6th. Yes, New Year’s counts as a Christmas festivity. It’s OVER. I totally used the time to not blog and do nothing, as well, but man, you did nothing for two days. I did nothing for two weeks. LOL. Good luck with the craft room makeover! It’s looking nice so far!

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    • I have issues apparently lol. I felt guilty not posting for 2 days but napping took precedence. With my fun wow brain injury and wonky eye it doesn’t take much to wear me out 😕. That doesn’t go well with my need to stay occupied.
      I really look forward to getting to the craft room finally. It too willdouble as a spare room on the rare occasions we need it but I’m still calling it my/our craft room Lol!
      My family has a European background and also observe “Little Christmas,” me not so much but I do understand how done you must be with such a LONG Christmas! It sounds like you need the naps too!

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