Craft Room Shelf

On Sunday, Chris did the bottom of what we call the “Pipe Shelf” in the craft room.  It is more or less a rather large bulkhead that I want to use as storage in the craft room.

Up until now, I just had some random pieces of wood, placed haphazardly along the bottom so I could pile my s**t on top of them lol!

Chris took his measurements and used up some 2 x 4’s and fence boards we had laying around to make a nice even and strong base for our shelf! I think I figured out we will be able to fit upwards of 40 or more of the shoebox sized plastic bins in there now.  Can you imagine how much storage this will provide???

Thank you Chris!!!!!


You can see here where he cut around one of the “pipes” of the pipe shelf/bulkhead to make sure we have plenty of shelf space!


I’m still not sure if I am going to paint the base of the shelf or not but I just couldn’t wait to see how the plastic shoebox style boxes I plan on putting on the shelf fit or not lol!  I can fit those, as well as other assorted sizes of plastic storage in there…. all neatly tucked away on the new shelf base, behind the curtains I have yet to make!!!!


It just feels so good knowing we are finally heading in the right direction with the long awaited craft room!!!


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