Repurposed End Table – Cat Bed

As I am sure I’ve mentioned, our cat Jeffy, thinks the soon to be craft room is his room! I am sure you can imagine his face while he watched the queen sized bed he has gotten used to be carted our the door in order to make room for the futon we have opted to use in there to give us more space to create! Until this project was completed he had resigned himself to laying on top of the folded blankets and pillows that are just sitting on the futon lol!

While he might balk at the fact it has a pink cushion, he’s just going to have to get used to it in his new cat bed because it just needed to be pink lol!


This is the old octagonal end table that I bought at least a year ago, planning on doing exactly this with, but never got around to completing it! Until I started this, it was more or less just another dust collector! Chris had already removed the doors for me so I didn’t have that to do at least. If you do, it is just a matter of removing the hinges from both the doors and the base and removing the doors.


I washed all the dust off of it so I was starting with a clean surface and then painted it with the same chalk paint I used for my Refinished Dresser!


I used newsprint to make a pattern to somewhat match the shape of the bottom of the table, where the cushion for Jeffy will go.


I cut out two pieces using the pattern I just made, leaving about a 3/4 inch seam allowance.


Sewed around the outside edge, with right sides together, leaving an opening for turning and stuffing, and cut off the corners.

I stuffed it full of batting and sewed the opening closed.

Much to Jeffy’s chagrin, I sewed on different sizes and colours of buttons, to make it pop a bit and then placed the cushion inside the base of the table and that was Jeffy’s sleeping area.

Not quite a queen sized bed but he will just have to get used to it lol!


I have a really ratty looking old dresser in the craft room that I have been hemming and hawing about keeping in there. I think I am going to see if the chalk paint works on that even though it’s in such rough shape.



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