Fabric Covered Note Board

I have this really old frame, well I suppose it’s not that old lol…. it was purchased with money sent over from England from my great grandparents when I got married for the first time, so we are talking about 30 years! It feels like a lifetime ago!

When we were helping the kids clean out an apartment I saw the old frame still there and knowing it was technically from my great grandparents lol, I decided to bring it home and upcycle it into something in the craft room!


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I cleaned it up and give it a nice coat of paint… a one off colour… I sort of knew what colour I wanted it to be but didn’t have that colour in my paint stash. I mixed different colours until I came close to what I wanted.

Chris cut me out a rectangle the same size as the inside of the frame from some thin board I bought at the hardware store.

I used the hot glue gun and attached batting to the rectangle piece of wood.

Covered it with a piece of fabric (the same fabric I am going to make curtains for the craft room and various other accents), gluing the edges to the back of the piece of wood to hold it in place.

And then I crisscrossed strips of ribbon over the fabric, on the diagonal, using hot glue to hold where the ribbon met the outside edge and to the back of the piece of wood.

I ran strips of duct tape on the back, over the fabric and ribbon edges to avoid any raw edges or any of it letting go over time….

And attached the piece of fabric covered wood back into the frame using bent over finishing nails because it’s all I could find.

We now have a pretty fabric covered note board for the craft room to save bits and pieces we find along the way on our creative journey!

2 thoughts on “Fabric Covered Note Board

  1. I love these types of boards, and I always want to make one when I see them, but then
    I wonder where I would hang it. I just don’t have enough wall space, lol.


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