Fried Cabbage with Bacon and Onions

When I made Baked Corned Beef for St. Patrick’s day I was going to just boil the cabbage we were having with it because both Chris and I LOVE boiled cabbage with a bit of butter melted on it but instead tried something different.



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Tacky “Mom-To-Be” Badge

While I have been planning Kim’s Baby Shower, memories of all the showers I have attended have been popping up in my mind. I always remember the tacky hats and other items of “clothing” that people made from the bows on gifts. While they are fun to create and make the honoree wear I thought I would make something equally as tacky but on a smaller scale for Kim lol!



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Baby Washcloth Bouquet

This is something I saw on Pinterest and thought it would be cute to make and hand to Mommy-to-be when she arrives at her shower!

These are very easy to make and I was able to find everything at the dollar store!


Here are the items I used to make the bouquet. (And a wider ribbon for the bow)

I started by folding the washcloths. First into thirds and then in half.

And then I started to roll it. I turned over a bit of the corner of the starting side and kept rolling to the end and held it in place using scotch tape.

I rolled the other 5 up the same way.

Next I pushed a wooden skewer in through the bottom of the rolled flower carefully and taped it to the stick.

I gathered the organza ribbon around the skewer and flower then started wrapping the floral tape around to hold everything in place.

I finished the other 5 to make my bouquet.

I added a bit of greenery and a nice bow and they are ready to present to Mommy-to-be!

Onesie Baby Shower Guest Book

With the shower coming up quickly I thought I’d also better get started on the stuff I need to make, other than the food!

More of the food recipe posts will be posted soon but I wanted to share this alternative guestbook idea I made for Kim’s shower!

Here is what I started with.

Because the frame is a lighter colour than the wood in the soon to be nursery, I painted the frame darker.

While it was drying I started on the background.

I found some cute baby wrapping paper at the dollar store. I wrapped the hard cardboard backing to the frame with this paper.

Rather than having the taped up wrapping paper at the back I found a printable Certificate of Birth to tape to it. They can fill this in after baby is born!

I centred the onesie onto the background and set it in the frame. I fastened the backing pins and that’s it.

At the shower I will remove it from the frame and ask all the guests to sign it with the provided markers. It will be a different kind of guest book for Mommy, Daddy and baby to cherish… once baby is old enough lol.

S’mores Squares #2

I finally found the other recipe I had for a S’mores square this week. After Chris going on and on about how much he liked the original S’mores Squares I made last week I kept searching for the other recipe I used to make and thankfully found it!



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